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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we want a professionally made wedding video?

The budget conscious wedding couple might think "I can get my relative or friend to shoot my video for free!" This may seem like a good idea at first, but amateur videos are often shaky, out of focus, unedited, and have poor picture and sound quality. A professional videographer will have the talent and equipment necessary to capture your day in a professional manner. The use of wireless microphones to capture your vows, professional tripods to assure steady shots, and the knowledge of proper camera angles and the ability to edit them in a smooth and story telling style are some things that even skilled amateurs may not know about, or can't afford to do. Creating a video record of your wedding is a job best left to professionals.

Will you be obtrusive or interfere with our wedding? 

Our unobtrusive style allows us to remain virtually invisible. We will always dress appropriately as to blend in with your guests.  We plan our camera locations for your ceremony during your rehearsal and we never move around so that it will draw attention to our being there. We work smoothly with all other professionals you have hired so that your special day will flow as smoothly as you planned.

Do you use professional equipment?

Yes, We use 3 chip digital cameras, professional wireless microphones, high quality tripods, on-camera light (reception only), and the best in non-linear computer editing equipment to provide you with a quality product you will enjoy for years to come.

How important is music for the video?

Music is very important! You have probably already picked out the music for the ceremony. Music that will be played during guest seating, seating of the mothers, processional and recessional  will be captured and used as it happens, but the music used as background for  photo montages and overviews of the reception makes the experience of the video smoother and more enjoyable. You should supply any music you want used in your video on compact discs to us before editing begins.

Can I purchase the raw footage in addition to the edited video?

Your video will be edited in a way that will include every important moment captured of your special day. Therefore the only things not used from the raw footage will be things like multiple shots of the cake or wedding facility because we shoot several shots from a variety of angles providing us with several to choose from so we can use the best in your video. The final length of your edited video depends on how long all the important moments of your day actually are because we cut nothing short. 

Will we be allowed to be involved in the editing process?

Due to tight deadlines and busy edit schedules, it wouldn't be realistic to have you sit with us while we edit the video. However, you do have important decisions on how the video is to be edited such as what music will be used, what photos used in a montage , who will be listed in the ending credits and what other messages you would like to see there. We want to please you and your input is important. We will need all items you will supply before editing can begin.

How long will it take to finish the video?

Most people are not aware that it takes 20 to 40 hours to edit a good wedding video, once we receive all the needed items from the wedding couple. For this reason  please allow 6 to 12 weeks from the time all elements are provided to us to receive your edited video.




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